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What Can An Anti-Jock Do?

Here are some practical steps for action.


There are several things that an Anti-Jock can do to "take on" the jock-o-cracy. They may seem small, but if more people did them, they would have a greater effect. It may take one person who "speaks out" to bring more people to question and resist the jock-o-cracy. I can't promise any results, but at least you will be heard.

FIRST, there is letter-writing. You can write letters to a local newspaper to print on their "letters to the editor" section. I suggest you find a way to criticize the "jock-o-cracy" by tying it in with issues that the general public cares about. For example, is your city pandering to pro-sports teams (building them a new stadium w/ city money, for example)? Perhaps even ardent "sports fans" might be outraged by a clear-cut waste of city money. Is the school district in your area overly concerned with sports, while at the same time neglecting other areas (like academics or arts or getting books for the library)? People might (maybe, just maybe) be made to care about that. Do you attend a college which is so "sports crazy" that they neglect some other basic functions of being a college?? Again, the student body and the professors and the surrounding community MIGHT be made to care. If theyre such mindless "sports fans" that they DONT care, then at least you will have a basis for criticizing them.

Remember to be on the lookout for well-publicized news stories that deal with jock outrages. That way, you can specifically cite these well-known generally-available stories to back up your criticisms. If some well-known jock outrage happens in your area (for example: dumb jocks getting drunk, causing trouble, getting arrested, and getting in the newspaper for it) dont hesitate to immediately write a letter to the local newspaper making note of that occurrence, and commenting on how shameful it is. You might get support on it, especially if its a particularly outrageous conduct on the part of the jocks.

SECOND, if you want to try for something bigger than a letter, then try an opinion articvle in a paper. Some bigger newsapers have sections set aside for "reader's opinions," where readers can submit whole opinion articles and have their views heard. Also, some smaller "alternative" or college papers may be willing to print your anti-jock article. Any paper that is willing to take articles on social, societal, or cultural issues might be open to an anti-jock article. Local and college papers may be particularly open, especially if youre not a professional writer. "Alternative" or "anti-establishment" papers may be quite open: give them a shot.

The good thing about articles is that they could allow you to be more "broad" and "general" in your criticism of jocks. Whereas in your letters, you have less space and might have to be very specific in your comments, full articles may allow you to talk about the general problems of allowing a society to get so obsessed with sports and athletic hero-worship. Check out the "Resources" page of this site to get good information you may be able to use in your article.

In any case, I suggest you check your facts and try to make your letters and articles intelligible, with concrete criticism that your intended reader can identify with.

THIRD: Start an Anti-Jock Website.

FOURTH: ARE YOU BEING HARRASSED BY JOCKS AT YOUR SCHOOL, OR BEING FORCED TO PARTICIPATE IN ACTS THAT RUN CONTRARY TO WHAT YOU FEEL IS RIGHT? CONSIDER A LAW SUIT TO GET YOUR RIGHTS PROTECTED!! I suggest you consider contacting the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). They have won lawsuits to prevent schools from, for example, forcing students to take showers with other students against their will. They have also been willing to defend students who did not conform to what others and the "system" demaded of them. They may be able to help if your situation seriously involves quiestions of civil liberties. If not maybe they can give you advice. A WORD FROM THE CREATOR OF SPOIL-SPORTS: I do NOT always agree with the ACLU. I want to make that clear. BUT I do recognize (and respect) their willingness to assist individuals who have had their rights stepped on by "the system."


Try getting agroup together. Consider the possiblities:

--Boycott School Pep Rallies.

--Put Together A Petition Criticizing Some Aspect of a City, County, State, School, or Colleges' relationship with sports. (Putting too much money into it while neglecting other areas, mandatory school sports enforced against the will of students, etc.) Put together a movement to oppose those wrongs. (I myself was involved in a college movement to oppose an increase in athletic fees to build the athletes a "jock palace" adjacent to the stadium. Its been done at other colleges)

--Organize a group whose purpose is to not give a shit about the local hometown or college or city team. Advertise it. Try an article (See "Ideas For Individual Action" above).

--Again, TRY A LAWSUIT!! (See "Ideas for Individual Action" above)

What If These Aren't Enough?

Guerilla Tacticts to Fight the Jock Domination
When using the "official channels" doesnt work, heres some ideas.