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"I Just Don't Like Sports"

Although the Spoil Sports website is against jock abusers, NOT against all athletes, Ive nonethless decided to provide this page for information about JUST NOT LIKING SPORTS.

Okay, its true that not all athletes are jock abusers. And, I dont want to dissuade anyone who enjoys sports from doing them or watching them. But, lets face it, we live in a sports-obsessive society. Its this obsession that sometimes lets jock assholes off the hook when they commit wrongs. In any case, for someone who just isnt into this whole obsession, it can be a big pain in the ass.

So, heres some resources for those of us who either are not into sports at all, who don't understand what all the fuss is about, or who may enjoy sports but are still not as obsessive about them as other people seem to be.

Heres some links to articles and webpages critical of sports mania:

Confessions of a Poor Sport
An essay by Mark Goodson which elsewhere appears under the name "Lousy at Sports," deals with a lifetime of not relating to sports.
Why I Hate Sports
An article critical of sports mania.
Confessions of a Sports Non-Lover
A anrticle from someone who doesnt like sports.
Sour Sport:Why Sports Suck
A anrticle from someone who doesnt like sports.
The Terrors of Dodgeball
(Retreived from an online archive.) This is a serious criticism about the abusive nature of Dodgeball as played in school physical education classes.
Why Liking Sports is Bad
A very articulate article expressing why being too obsessed with sports is a bad thing. Well written.
Theres More To Life Than Sports
Article in the Pittsburg Post Gazette talking about not "getting" the obsession over sports.
Bad Sport
Another article from someone who doesnt like sports.
Essay critical of sports culture.
A personal criticism of so-called "sports culture".
Why Hockey and Soccer are Boring
Another article against some sports
Football: Why Its Dumb
An anti-football article.
(Song and Video) Scott & the Sweet Spot: "I Don't Like Sports"
A cool song for those of us who just don't like sports.

Sports Suck
This site also recommends the Sports Suck site: An international society for people who hate sports mania. An Excellent multifaced site. Has articles, information, links and stuff to advertise your anti-jock and anti-sports mania views.

Click Here and go to another site that is critical of sports obsessiveness. If you agree with the writer, you can put the banner you see here on your site to show your support, and your opposition to sports mania.