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Hakim Bey Writings Regarding Guerilla Tactics

Poetic Terrorism
A quirky essay by Hakim Bey tries to explain this concept.
Communique #1 from the Association for Ontological Anarchy
Some suggestions (some bizarre and impractical, some quite do-able) for Poetic Terrorism
Black Magic As Revolutionary Action
Some ideas on how to make a statement by putting a "hex" on an institution.
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Read the Statement of Nonviolence:

Statement of Nonviolence


Taking It To Enemy!!

Guerilla Tactics To Fight Jock Domination: The Ideas of Hakim Bey

Hakim Bey is an anarchist, mystic, noncomformist and individualist. He has written extensively on how to subvert and fight the oppressive institutions in a society. His writings and ideas can be helpful if youre a noncomformist who wants to take on a big, seemingly omnipotent force: like this jock-o-cracy we live in. Unfortunately, his writings can also be pretty obscure, hard to unravel, and sometimes chaotically written. (But you usually get the idea.)

One of the concepts that Hakim Bey has written about is "poetic terrorism," or PT for short. The idea behind PT is that you can use everyday things in creative ways to make a point, send a message, and subvert the system. In his essay on "Poetic Terrorism," Haknim Bey listed several examples for PT. Although some were obviously outlandish, some of the more practical and simple ones were:

"Graffitti-art . . .poems scrawled in courthouse lavatories, small fetishes abandoned in parks and restaurants, xerox-art under windshield-wipers of parked cars, Big Character Slogans pasted on playground walls, anonymous letters mailed to random or chosen recipients (mail fraud), pirate radio transmissions, wet cement . . ."

For an Anti-Jock, tactics like these can be used as "guerilla attacks" against the Jock-o-cracy. For example: Graffitti spray painted somewhere that says "Fuck the Jocks," or "Jocks Eat Shit," or "Glen Ridge Football Team Are Assholes," or other anti-jock statements. (Dont want to spray paint? Then how about magic marker in some public restroom)

OR how about setting off stink bombs at a hometown football or baseball game. OR putting pieces of meat in some jocks' locker room and leaving it to rot as a special surprise for them.

Or, for something less drastic: how about xeroxing some copies of anti-jock statements and putting them on the windshield of cars, or tape them up where they can be seen. (Try using the lyrics to the Dead Kennedy's "Jock O Rama." That ought to do it.)

Or, how about finding a small radio transmitter (theyre out there: try Radio Shack), find the frequency of a station that plays sports programming, and tansmit some anti-jock song (again, the Dead Kennedy's "Jock A Rama" works well) right at the same time that a big game is being broadcast. Give those armchair quarterbacks a surprise. (I suggest you not transmit your own voice since you may get caught. But its up to you.)

BUT REMEMBER TWO THINGS: First, that the neat thing about PT is that it is generally nonviolent. The weapons used in PT are not violent weapons but instead graffitti spray cans, xerox machines, magic markers, and stuff like that. I suggest that you pick an institution as a target to criticize, and try NOT to threaten specific people. Our enemy is the Jock-o-cracy itself, not some ignorant jock who stupidly thinks he's better than everyone else. Besides, personal threats are thuggish: if we fight jock thugs we should not lower ourselves to their stupid level. (At least not unless absolutely necessary.)


Second, remember also what Hakim Bey said about PT: "The best PT is against the law, but don't get caught."