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What Resources Are Available to the Anti-Jock???

Recommemded Books:

"Our Guys" by Bernard Lefkowitz: tells the true account of the trial of several New Jersey High School athletes involved in a gang rape of a retarded girl. Points out the obsessive idolization of the High School athletics in hometown America, and how it can lead the idolized athletes to think they can get away with anything.

"Public Heroes, Private Felons," by Jeff Bennedict, about the connection between sports idolization and abuse of women.

"God In The Stadium," by Robert J. Higgs, about the way sports undermines religion.

"Friday Night Lights," by H.G.Bissinger. Points out the obsessiveness of sports culture in rural America.

"Lessons of the Locker Room:The Myth of School Sports," by Andrew W. Miracle, Jr. and C. Roger Rees. A well-balanced crtique of the role of sports in the U.S. school system, and the "myth" behind it. Points out both the negatives and positives of school sports, and offers suggestions for reform.

"College Sports, Inc." by Murray Sperber. A critique of college sports.

"Jock: Sports and Male Identity," edited by Donald F. Sabo, Jr. and Ross Runfola. This is an excellent book of essays which criticize the excessive, macho sports culture. It's an excellect resource that offers both criticism of the way sports are presently treated, as well as hopeful possiblities for the future.

See the articles page of this site for online articles.

Recomended Films:

"Our Guys," A made for TV movie based on the book of the same name.

"Blue Chips," generally about a college basketball program, but also includes some good criticisms of the way sports undermines the academic environment.

"The Program," about college football, but also contains good criticisms of the system's excesses.

"Lucas," about a sensitive, intelligent young boy growing up in a sports-obsessed high school. This film is good to illustrate the way high school sports can be oppressive to those students who do not play along with jock routine.

"Revenge of the Nerds": For a few laughs. Hey, why not!! The jocks lose in this one!!

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