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Spoil Sports
This is really the companion site to JOCKS SUCK. This site tells you the basics of whats wrong with jocks. SPOIL SPORTS give you more in depth info, resources, and advice for fighting jockism.
Another anti Jock Page
A short and to the point criticism of jocks.
Jocks Bite The Big Fat Donkey Dick and That Aint No Jive
This is a witty anti-jock site. Illustrates jock intelligence with graphics.
Your Society Sucks
A page out of a larger site which criticizes our obsession with sports.
The Anti-Jock Page
A really angry site against jocks
The Anti-Sports Page
A criticism of sports
Nerd And Geek Page
This one has a lot of anti-jock commentary.
Heres a list of good online articles about the issues of jock abuse.
This link will take you to the article page of the SPOIL SPORTS site (linked above). Articles about jock abuse, how to change things for the better, and how to stop school harassment and bullying.