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Statement of Nonviolence

The creator of Spoil Sports advocates action to oppose the Jock-o-cracy we live in. But I support only NON-VIOLENT action.

I repudiate and oppose any act which would injure, hurt or otherwise inflict harm on other people. As for property: I oppose any act which unecessarily destroys another's property in a malicious, destructive and pointless way.

The ONLY acts which are justified are the noviolent acts necessary to disrupt the jock-o-cracy. These can be done WITHOUT hurting other people. These acts should be aimed at institutions instead of people, and should try to damage the least amount of property possible, and even then, only what is necessary.

Acts should be aimed specifically at protesting the excesses of the jock-o-cracy and not at hurting individuals or unnecessarily scaring people. Make sure all acts done against the jock-o-cracy are principled, directed at that goal, and devoid of any intent to act only out of malice.