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Join the effort to save this pro-Nerd and pro-Freak TV show.


Heres the Main Site for the Capaign to Save FREAKS AND GEEKS
Heres a review of the show from when it first premiered in 1999.
Contact info for NBC (E-mail & Mail)
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Whats Freaks and Geeks?

"Freaks and Geeks" is a critically acclaimed TV show about growing up as outsiders in a typically American high school.

The show itself was praised by TV critics for being innovative and for presenting a real-life account of what it was like to be an outsider during one's teenage years. This show wasnt a typically cheesy teen show that just glossed over issues and made heroes out of jocks and preps. This show showed life from the point of view of outsiders, noncomformists, geeks, metalheads, freaks, nerds, and people like that.

CLICK HERE for a rundown about what the show is about, with a plea to save it from a TV critic.

Unfortunately, NBC, the network that originally carried the show, didnt seem to care too much about it. They kept putting the show in diificult time slots where few people would see it. (Example: on Monday night opposite football.) And they kept moving it around so that no one knew when it went on. So, few people got to really see it.

Now, NBC has decided to cancel the show. But a its devoted fans have united to try to save it.

CLICK HERE for an article about the campaign to save the show

So What? Why Should I Care About This Show?

Because this show presents the way high school looks from the point of view of high school outsiders. It presents viewpoints that really need to be presented to the public especially now, when the issues of teen alienation seem so important. A lot of the show's biggest fans were outsiders in high school. For example, one of the shows fans wrote a letter to the internet zine Salon that said:

"As a former geek turned freak from high school, the show acts like therapy for me. I wish the audience and network could treat it better."

Another letter said, "This show strikes a cord that resonates."

It should be given a chance. After all, NBC is the same network that had no problem churning out the stereotypically cheesy, jock and prep adoring TV show called "Saved by the Bell" year after year after year. Now, a much more realistic and pro-freak, pro-nerd, pro-noncomformist show like "Freaks and Geeks" comes on and they dont even give it a chance.

Join the effort to save this show, either on NBC or on another network.