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Brian Deneke


This page is in tribute to Brian Deneke, and all others who are abused and harrassed and who have suffered because they dared to be different, because they refused to conform to jockish society, and because they had the courage to be themselves.

On December 12, 1997, a young man living in a Texas town was murdered by a gang of jocks. The murder was the result of an escalating pattern of abuse that had been perpetrated by the jocks in that town against those who were viewd by them as "different" and "outsiders." There was further outrage when the murderer was let off with a light sentence. This incident calls into questions how far a jock obsessive community will go to protect their so-called jock "heroes." The flame pictured at the beginning of this section, as well as at thr front of this page, is in tribute to Brian Deneke.