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Here are some articles about NAFCAR

"My Season in Exile" by Murray Sperber
An article written by Professor Sperber, who helped found NAFCAR, about his speaking out against the abuses of Indiana Coach Bob Knight, which caused him to be forced form the university temporarily.
Chat with Murray Sperber
A transcript of an online chat with Murray Sperber, who helped to start NAFCAR, and who has written extensively about the negative effect of college sports on universities.

Articles About the Vanderbilt Reforms

Root For Sports Reforms
An article in USA Today telling about, and supporting, the reforms at Vanderbilt
Universities Should Rethink Emphasis on Athletics
An article which talks about the general negative state of excessive college sports programs, and reforms at Vanderbilt and Tulane universities which are trying to change things.
Focus on The Core Mission
An article commenting on the excesses in college sports, and the reforms made at Vanderbilt University to get rid of those problems


A new organization has been put together aimed at the reform of college sports. Its called NAFCAR. Its aim is to restore colleges and universities to their main role of providing academic excellence by ending the stranglehold that big time college sports has over the university envirnoment. Links to articles about NAFCAR are to the left side of this page, a link to NAFCAR's site is below.


National Association for College Athletics Reform

Reforms at Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University has enacted a series of major reforms of its sports program. Esseantially, the university has abolished its sports program and is attempting to merge it with the recreation program at the univeristy, and to end the treatment of sports as something separae and above the university. Articles about these reforms are to the left of this page.

Football Scandal at University of Colorado

A scandal has erupted after there were allegations that the athletic program used sex parties to recruit football players. See articled on this below, at the bottom of this page.

About the University of Colorado Scandals

Universities to Blam for Sex Scandals
A basic report, and critique of the use of sex parties by university to attract football players.
Physics prof says academics taking back seat to football
A professor critiques the domination of athletics over colleges, specifically in reference to the Colorado scandal.
Recruits' 'good time' can be schools' worst nightmare
Another critique of the excesses of athletic programs in universities, and their dominance over academics.