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It is imperative to restore colleges and universities to their main role of providing academic excellence by ending the stranglehold that big time college sports has over the university environment. College sports are in dire need to reform. Here are some articles dealing with the issue of college sports reform:

Knight Fallout Brings Sperber Dark Days
An article about Professor Murray Sperber, who took on the athletics establishment at Indiana University and the backlash and harrassment he withstood for it.
The Man Who Stood Up To Bob Knight
Interview with Murray Sperber, who took on the sports establishment at Indiana University and has written extensively about the negative effect of college sports on universities.
Athletics Push academics to the Sidelines
An interview of two authors of a book about the detrimental effect that excessive college sports has on academic excellence.
Focus on the Core Mission
An article commenting on the excesses in college sports, and the reforms made at Vanderbilt University to get rid of the problems of college athletics.
Root for Sports Reforms
An article in USA Today telling about, and supporting, the reforms of college sports at Vanderbilt